Tom Marlow's Grilled Salmon Recipe


  • Fresh Salmon

  • Butter or Olive Oil

  • Garlic salt and chunky pepper )

  • Tin foil

  • pizza pan

  • Chaka's MMM Sauce


Marinate the salmon in a suitable bowl for one hour or more.   Use the the Chaka MMM sauce to marinate (or use a good teryiaki sauce). Build a rectangular dish large enough to hold the fish. The tin foil must be shaped to hold Chaka's MMM Sauce. Bend the corners so that the sauce won't keak. Pour some Chaka's MMM Sauce in the tin foil pan to cover most of the bottom. Place the salmon in the tin foil rectangle and pour a little more sauce on top. Cover the salmon (but not the pizza pan) with some extra tinfoil. Slide the foil and salmon onto the pizza pan. You only need the pizza pan to carry the soon-to-be dinner to the grill.

NOTE: You have already warmed up the grill to operating temperature using the technique you have honed over the years.

Slide the tin foil pan off the pizza pan onto the grill. Cook with the tin foil covering on for the first ten minutes. After ten minutes, turn the fish over, placing it directly on the grill, not onto the tin foil pan. Peel the skin off the salmon. If it doesn't come off, the grill wasn't hot enough (or the fish wasn't cooked long enough). If that's the case, improvise, else put the removed skin into the tin foil pan and throw it away. Cook for another five minutes (or so, depends on the thickness of the salmon). Do not over cook. It should be pinkish on the inside. Overcooking will lead to dryness.

Although nearly everything goes well with margaritas, I am partial to chardonnay with my salmon.

The recipe for the stuffed mushrooms in the picture will be in next weeks class. Site Search

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