So You Want To Go Cruising?

Don't Leave Home Without Knowing Stuff. It'll Make Life Easier.

Things you should know

Sailing Regattas you should know about

How Much Does It Cost

Cruiser Tools


Option A

Option B

Option C

Routing Software

Garmin Mapsource

Nobeltec Charting Software

Furuno MaxSea

International Medical Transportation

Divers Alert Network



Tides & Current Prediction

Nobeltec Tides & Currents

Garmin BlueChart


Weather prediction

NOAA Weather 

More Weather

NOAA Offshore Buoys

Generic Weather


General Interest Websites


Active Captain


Diesel Engine

Troubleshooting Marine Diesels



Mexican Cruising Guides

Charlies Charts: West Coast of Mexico

Rains Mexico Boating Guide

Latitude 38 1st Timer's Guide

Caribean Cruising Guides

The Windward Islands: Martinique to Grenada

The Leeward Islands

Trinidad and Tobago Plus Barbados and Guyana

US ICW Cruising Guides

ICW Chartbook, Norfolk to Miami

Guide to Cruising Chesapeake Bay


Position Reporting


HAM Equivalent


Sailing Regattas You Should Know About

Regatta Name




Pacific Cup

Late June  /  mid July ( even years )

Kaneohe YC (HI) / San Francisco Bay (CA)

Kaneohe YC   and   Paciic Cup YC  

Trans Pac 

Late June  /  mid July ( odd years )

Honolulu (HI)  /   Los Angeles CA

TransPacific YC

Banderas Bay Regatta 

Early to mid March

Banderas Bay Mexico

Vallarta YC

Baja Ha Ha 

Late October start

San Diego (CA) /   Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)

Latitude 38

Zihuatanejo Sail Fest 

Early February

Bahia De Zihuatanejo (Mexico)


Atlantic Rally for Cruisers 

Early July

Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) /   St Lucia (Caribbean)

World Cruising Club

Vallarta Race

Mid to Late February

San Diego (CA) to Paradise Village (Mexico)

San Diego YC and   Paradise Village Resort

The Cost Of Cruising
In order of Importance

 What It Is

 The Cost 

 In Yankee Dollar$

The Boat

Your choice

If you want to go, you'll find a way

My Expenses


approximately $3k/month.
 Includes air travel and entertainment 

Sailors Myth # 13: The banana is the sailor's favorite food.

Myth Buster # 13:  That's only because when you are afflicted by mal de mar, bananas taste the same coming up as they do going down.

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