Leaving Kaneohe

Tales of the Good Ship Ketch 22

Photo gallery and journals of the sailing voyages of Ketch 22

T hese are the voyages of the good ship Ketch22.   She's traveled a long way on her own bottom, and via truck and freighter as well.   As time and money permit, new voyages will be added, as well as some older ones that haven't been documented yet.   The voyages will take you across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii, along the Pacific Coast of California, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Carribean Sea and the South East coast of the US.   Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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ICW traffic jam

Atlantic Coastal Cruising

Sausilito water fowl

California Cruising

Mexican cart

Mexico and Central America

Pacific Cup

Pacific Cup 2004

Sailors Myth # 2: Don't bring beer in glass bottles on board.   The bottles might break.

Myth Buster # 2:   Hell yes they might break!   Life is short and you're gettin' old .   If beer tastes better in a bottle, don't deprive yourself of the pleasure.  Drink it and run the risk the bottle might break.   The odds of breakage are smaller than the risk of an accident on the way to the marina.

The Photographers




  Ric Canter
  Dan Casey
  Sean Casey
  Tom Charron
  Kim Coleman
  Greg Doppman
  Walter Kaelin
  Naty Marlow
  Tom Marlow
  Dick Gilmore
  John Thompson 
  Pierre Henry 
  et al
  borrowed Kodak EasyShare
  Nikon E2100
  Sony MVC-CD350
  Kodak EasyShare C613Z
  Kenox S360
  Canon Powershot SD 870
  Sony DSC-W50
  Canon Rebel EOS Xsi w/70-300mm 
  Canon Powershot G3
  Olympus S770SW
  unknown brand
  et al
  Mazatlan Mexico to Barillas El Salvador
  Pacific Cup
  Kaneohe Bay Hawaii to San Francisco
  Mazatlan to Zihuatenejo
  Sunset over Oakland
  San Francisco Bay
  Barillas El Salvador to Golfito Costa Rica
  Sea Of Cortez et al
  North and Central America
  Isla Partida
  Zihuatenejo Mexico to Barillas El Salvador 
  Guatemala to Panama 
  et al


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